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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Spring is here - inside and out!

Welcome Spring and welcome back to Boxwood Cottage dear blogging friends and readers! I woke up to a wonderful blue sky again today and the weather forecast has promised us sun all day and temps around 20°C which is around 70°F in the shadow. On my southward sunny and sheltered deck this is going to feel more than 80 as you can see on my thermometer here in a shot from a couple of days ago:

We have been very lucky here in Northern Germany this last Winter season with unusal mild weather and apart from a few days in January almost no snow. It feels as if parts of the US have kept the cold temps and winter storms and snows at bay, so that it couldn't come over here and I'm very thankful for this mild Winter. Many plants that otherwise would haven been frozen to death in Winter are still alive this Spring and nature is at least two to three weeks ahead of the season.

But before I share more deck and garden pictures with you I'd like to show you some photos of my early Spring decor around the mantle in the dining- and living room. I haven't brought the bunnies and eggs out yet, just wasn't in the mood this year with Easter being so late in April, but I'm finally going to start doing it today. In the photo below you can also see a new aqcuisition of mine, I finally did it and bought two white Tolix metal chairs. I wanted to have these for at least two years now, but always thought the originals too expensive for my budget, so I was very happy when I saw that Butlers a German furniture and decor store chain sold a remake of the original Tolix chairs and called them Streetlife. Still I was hesitating to buy them but when a month ago they sold them out for half of the original price I just had to hurry and get me at least two. They sold them all out in just a few days. Now aren't they pretty and go well with the rest of my dining area?

I think the pleaded white metal barrel, that I used upsidedown as a table in front of my mantle goes especially well with them and the huge white metal lantern I hung inside of the mantle too!

I'm really happy with the fresh springlike look right now :)

On top of the mantle I decorated some white snowdrops, white wooden birds and old apothecary bottles and white ceramic apothecary pots (a recent antique shop find) along with some gifts my dear friend Julia of the Vintage with laces blog had sent me in a friendship swap last month, like the sweet lace-heart sticks that I stuck in a sugar dredger which you can see better/closer in the first picture of this post and the gorgeous white heart bunting and lace heart I pinned at the mantle.

The pussy willow wreath along with the snowdrops are belonging to my early Spring decor which I will change again very soon.

I'm quite in love with my new old apothecary ceramic pots. You might not know that my first profession was a pharmacy assistent and I even learned at the vocational school how to write on these labels with stenciled lettering and I also learned there all the latin names of the plants used to make the medicines. So these bottles and vessels really do have a deeper meaning to me, reminding me at the old times in my life.

In the close up photo above you can see another of Julia's sweet lace heart sticks between the faux snowdrops in the silver cup, this one with a bling button in its center, aren't these just too cute? I love them all Julia!

Below is a photo of the constantly changing decor of my small side shelf between the mantle and the big cupboard:

But now let's go out into the garden again. The crocusses bloomed beautifully and very early this Spring and are almost done by now. I especially like this white variety with the soft purple stripes:

I already cut back the roses at the rusty rose arc below hoping that they'll soon grow back again with fresh sprouts of leaves:

As in every Spring I so love my blues! For others yellow like the sun might be the preferable color of Spring but for me it is blue like the sky :)

And violas ( mini pansies, "Johnny jump ups" or viola cornuta) are a must of course in all shades of purple and blue as you can see in the photos above and below.

And believe it or not but with the first warm Spring days the butterflies were already back in the garden and it is such a joy to see them fluttering around. The one below that is sittung on the blue primrose is called "Kleiner Fuchs" and if you rightclick onto the photo to see the big version of it, you can see that he has a whole in it's right wing and a very battered edge of the wing too so it must have one that has hibernated somewhere.

Of course I had to put Spring flowers like Paperwhites, Ranunculus, Primroses, Daisies and Grapehyacinths etc. in all the spare pots I could find and distribute them at the tables, shelves and pot holders around my deck and garden:

Even some pink tulips are already opening their pretty buds in the warm sun at the garden shelf:

The brimstone butterfly in the photo below that is just drinking from the pink primrose is a favorite guest in my spring garden:

It is such a good feeling to put out the cushions again in my deckchair and then sit there and just take it all in, the warm sun rays, the butterflies fluttering around, the scent of the flowers, the blue sky and the singing birds, ah yes my friends life can be so beautiful! :)

I'll leave you today with a closer shot of my new antique garden barrel (a Christmas gift from my parents last Christmas) that I finally brought out on the porch. It's called a Victorian dolly tub, used to do the laundry washing in victorian England and still before WW II. For now it serves me as a table for my french bottle holder drying rack which I use as a garden tool holder right now. As always I love the look of all the galvanized zinc items together, weather they are vintage or new:

So that is it from my Spring home and garden for today. I wish you all very happy Spring days my dear blogging friends and readers and I hope that you can enjoy it the way I do right now and especially for my US friends which for a big part had to suffer (and some even still have) under a long strong Winter this season. Spring will come to you soon as well just hang on and look forward to it!

Happy Spring days to y'all!

xoxo~ Carola

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Friday, February 14, 2014

Tea party ~ Happy St. Valentine's ~ & Early Spring garden

Welcome back to Boxwood Cottage dear blogging friends & readers! Today I'd like to invite you to a British High Tea party. Now isn't that fitting for St. Valentine's Day? Well actually this was my birthday party a bit over 2 weeks ago. My daughter made all these delicious little treats for us.

Since they're not only extremely yummy but also look very pretty I thought I share some photos of our tea party treats with you today

Don't they look mouthwatering? And everything is/was vegan of course! :)
We had scones with strawberry jam and clotted cream and I love those and thought they were my faves but to say the truth I had to try the berry tartelettes and the lemon bars and chocolate strawberries and lavender shortbreads and of course the sandwiches too and I loved every bite of every piece and can't tell anymore which my favorite was.

And I also like to share with you this pretty creatively wrapped gift parcel I got from my sister and my daughter. Are you curious what is in it? It's a really awesome gift, just click here to see it: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/283515739015468974/

But now I'd like to share some Valentine vignettes I snapped around my house and garden with you to celebrate this special day. Let's start with a black chalkboard heart in a soldered glass box:

and some spelling of Happy Valentine's day with flash cards from my friend Cari Kraft:

Then there is a rusty and scrolly iron heart hanging in the rusty chandelier a gift from my dear Auntie which unfortunately is not with us anymore:

 and below hanging from another iron chandelier my for red beaded fabrics hearts that I purchased many years ago. The red color is not so mine anymore but to celebrate Valentines I find them really great:

Another black chalkboard heart and a soldered arrow (both made by me) in one of my old typewriters:

And in the following photo are some Valentine pendants which I created and soldered last month:

Below is another vignette with an old postcard in an old flower frog and a new soldered arrow:

After I finally put the snowflakes down out of my old room divider and put in some hearts instead:

Close up they look much better in photos like the glass bead heart below:

or this crystal heart:

and then there is the crocheted heart in the next photo, that my friend Julia sent me last year. Initially I had planned to share Julia's and my Valentines friendship swap with you today but since both of our parcels have not arrived yet (although we know that they are already in the respctives countries for days because we have sent them registered mail and can check where they are- slow postal service I can tell you!) this has to wait, probably even until next year, because I don't think people are interested in seeing Valentine's once the day is over, although for me February is the month of hearts and I will have mine up at least 2 more weeks :)

In the next photo is a silver glittered heart that I once got from my friend Madai:

And here comes another heart that I soldered a few years ago:

But now follow me outside because even in my garden I have some hearts like the galvanized one you can see in the next photo:

or the twine one which sits in my rosemary topiary:

We are very fortunate here weatherwise because since that short Winter intermezzo last month the weather is rather early Spring like as my garden thermometer shows you with 11°Celsius plus in the shadow:

So I was brave and bought a few spring flowers like daisies and primroses already and put them outside on my deck and I really like the springlike view. Winter doesn't have to come back now because I would be very happy with such an early Spring for a change!

 I know some of you are still having Winter storms with icy rain and heavy frosts and snow at the moment and I hope these photos will give you hope, hang on my friends and Spring will be there soon!

Love the soft pink of the primrose below:

And here comes my wish for you today:

Happy St. Valentine's Day dear blogging friends and readers! 

Monday, January 27, 2014

It's that time again ~ first Valentines and frosted garden

Yep it's January, almost February so it's time for creating hearts and other Valentines, but first of all welcome back to Boxwood Cottage dear readers and blogging friends!

My friend Julia and I agreed to do a friendship Valentine's day swap some time last year, so right after I had put the Christmas stuff away I pulled out all things Valentine and started creating

I was indulging in reds, pinks and silver mainly, because Valentine's day is not for neutral colors only for me, it's the one time in the year where I really love reds and pinks, so in that spirit I created this heart box for example:

But then I got an email from Julia telling me that she wishes for white Valentines only because she's not in the spirit for reds. Dang! So I had to restart and rethink all the things I created and wanted to make for her, but of course I'm always up for a challenge :)

And outside it's cold anyway since we are in Winter and the garden is supposed to be either frosted or covered under a blanket of snow, well that wasn't true at all here in Northern Germany until last week anyway. These frosted garden pictures I took back in November already on a magical sunny and frosty late autumn day:

I loved how everything looked covered in the blueish frost

and I really looked forward to many more of such beautiful Winter days, which until today never came again. We had a lot of stormy and rainy Winter days and many just boring grey sky dark Winter days but no more frost and no snow at all not even a tiny bit and that while you guys in the US have record breaking cold Winter days, even in the Southern States - here it was rather warm at least for Winter that is

My beautiful last blooming Eden rose frosted in November 2013

The garden view from my bedroom window:

And a closer shot of the back yard area with my new old white garden door that we installed last October. I love the frosted glass of the big red lantern:

Well that was pretty much how the garden looked all those weeks since October/November until January 20th, but Winter can't fool me in thinking that we'll have an early Spring, not here in Germany. I'm born at the end of January and on my birthday it's always cold and I knew the cold would come sooner or later and of course I was right. Since a couple of days it got colder and the frost is back, not as beautiful as in the November pictures above, but much colder this time and since 3 days we even have a bit of snow and tonight it has snowed again so today the garden is covered under a thick blanket of the white stuff. Winter has finally arrived here too now! Sorry no pictures of the snow yet, but I hope that I'll get around to take some later if it isn't going to melt before lol

Now I have to finish my friendship swap parcel for my dear friend Julia. Julia if you should read this, I'm almost finished, but had to mix black and silver into the whites, because without them it was just too boring, hope that's okay with you!

This is just some wall decor in my studio but I'll share the Valentines I made for Julia in my next post, when she got her parcel.
Until then I wish y'all a great start into the month of hearts!

Happy Winter days my friends!


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